Coach -v- Mentor

coach-v-mentorWhat IS the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?

The dividing line between coaching and mentoring is rather blurred, and they could in some circumstances be much the same.

Coaching, is a business training, advancement or teaching process by means of which an individual is assisted in achieving a certain personal or professional result or target. The individual getting training could be referred to as the client or coachee.

Occasionally, the term coaching could refer to a casual connection between two people where one has greater experience and competence than the other and supplies assistance as the other goes through a discovering process.

Mentoring is a one-to-one supportive business training relationship concentrated on knowing and development which will help people meet their full potential. Basically it is a non-judgemental connection which will lead and facilitate to professional development.

Perhaps a way of looking at it is that the coach – as in sports – knows what needs to be done to achieve mastery and offers the athlete the drive. Age or injury, for example, could be against them. The mentor on the other hand has been there, done that etc and teaches from a position of already being there.

I and my team are fortunate in being able to offer both and you can expect to reach a much higher level, faster, than choosing one or the other.

I tailor the support I offer to the individual and the circumstances. It may be by email, telephone, Skype – or even one-to-one. Obviously fees are based on what you want, how it is delivered and the level of investment in yourself that you want to make.

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